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This list is focused on open source software projects relating to groupware and collaborative activity. If you are interested in helping in my redesign you can check out my progress. I'm looking forward to providing enhanced navigation, more data about each entry and interactive feedback from users. Please see the Free Software Foundation and Open Source Intiative for definitions of Free Software and Open source respectively.

The main URL for this page is http://www.grantbow.com/groupware.html. It was started in April 2001. Thank you to all the contributors who have helped me keep this page updated. Email is encouraged to Grant Bowman <grantbow@grantbow.com>

I stand on the backs of giants in talking about collaborative computer use. Douglas Engelbart and his Bootstrap Alliance, Howard Rheingold's input and Jeff Conlin's Wicked Problems meme from Cognexus have resonated strongly. I am thankful to participate in the Freenode.net IRC Network (was Open Project Network) and in Howard Rheingold's Brainstorms virtual community forum.

Recent Updates

Updates during the last month Updated
OpenSource: CivicSpace new 20041001
OpenSource: Drupal updated 20041001
Commercial: Socialtext Workspace new, a powerful extension of kwiki, thanks Ross 20040928
OpenSource: kwiki updated 20040928
OpenSource: Nice Little Wiki, removed entry, seems to have been removed from the article too 20040928
Interesting: COBA updated, thanks Anu 20040928
OpenSource: phprojekt updated, thanks Albrecht 20040928
OpenSource: Coranto updated, thanks Henrik 20040928
OpenSource: PhpGroupWare updated, thanks Dave 20040928
OpenSource: eGroupware updated 20040928

Open Source Projects

Project Benefits Status Updated SF
Aethera sponsored by theKompany.com, used to be called Magellan. version beta4 20011031 Y
AmphetaDesk desktop news delivery, Mac & Windows versions. Written in Perl and XML. version 0.92 20011109 Y
Amphora Light uses postgres, sendmail, from Estonia. Commercial version available. version 1.0 20010506
Annotator an older reference implementation in Java includes client and server software version 1.0b 20010926
Anteil established OpenSource Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, PHP4, Mysql, Apache version 1.1.1 20011031
Ants "aims to provide a generic multi-user collaborative framework" and a nice research base, includes J2EE support version
Alpha 3
Apache HTTP Web Server, "59% of the web sites on the Internet are using Apache". Run by the Apache Software Foundation version 1.3.22
2.0.16 beta
Babylon Java chat client/server version 1.4
beta 2.0
Bazaar " It started life as a plain web board conferencing system (WWWThreads now UBB/InfoPop) but has rapidly evolved into an integrated information system." version 7.04 20030103Y
BBDB Big Brother DataBase: for Emacs, "contact management utility"/annotation tool. "embodies that property known as intertwingularity" (also see Intertwingle design document) version 2.32 20010926 Y
bk2site "will transform your Netscape bookmarks file into a yahoo-like website with slashdot-like news" version 1.1.8 20011209 Y
Centauri java OGS implementation design stage 20010506
CGI::wiki Perl module wiki that powers several other popular wikis such as kwiki version 0.51 20040321
Chandler Mitchell Kapor's Open Source Application Foundation efforts. Like a super-PIM, with "Agenda's soul," interfacing or replacing current interfaces for email, contacts, calendar, web docs, IM, blogs and more on the client side. "Intelligent agent" capabilities and synchronized content servers as well. Nice TWiki site. Python WxWindows implementation. 0.3 20040305
Citadel/UX An efficient BBS implementation, updated for Unix, uses Berkeley DB and still uses both a text and a web interface. In use since 1981, home of the Uncensored BBS. version 6.21 20040521
CivicSpace "empowers collective action inside communities and cohesively connects remote groups of supporters." Based on Drupal, written in PHP, excellent standards and weblog support, requires one of several databases, GPL. version 0.7 20041001
CL-HTTP Common Lisp Hypermedia server, runs on Mac, Windows, Unix. Development dates back to at least 1995. version 70.23 20011220
CLiki Common Lisp implementation of a wiki clone version 0.3 20011220
Collabrador "web-based collaboration and datasharing tool", Silicon Research Center design stage 20010506
Compiere "ERP/CRM [...] customer management, supply chain and accounting" Popular sf.net site. version 2.3.1 20011101 Y
Coranto originally a rewrite of NewsPro, reborn version 1.24 20040928
CritLink A very early web annotation software in perl used as a service version 20010926
CVW Collaborative Virtual Workspace, java and palm chat clients, shared whiteboard, audio & video conferencing, new patch for multi-server use version 4.0 20011001 Y
Cyrus IMAPd A member project of Carnegie Mellon's Cyrus project and an important piece of email infrastructure. version 2.1.10 20021129
Dancer IRCd Internet Relay Chat (IRC) daemon for OpenProjects.net, an IRC network used by many other open source projects, planning future replacement Corridor "distributed, MUD-like interaction service" version 1.0.11 20011030 Y
DAV "[GNU/Linux] file system driver that allows you to mount a WebDAV server as a disk drive", should support Delta-V A nice complement to the Subversion project version 0.2.3 20011030 Y
DexMail web based IMAP email interface using LDAP & PHP version 0.1.5 20011108 Y
D3E Digital Document Discourse Environment Publisher's Toolkit. Transforms HTML publications into framed discussions. Uses customized Phorum or Hypernews version 5.0 20011105
diva "visualizing and interacting with dynamic information spaces", Silicon Research Center version 0.3 20010506
DragonCom nascent clone of Slash. Uses Java & MySQL. 20011208 Y
Drupal "content management platform", version 4.4.2 20041001
Dspace Higher educational CMS system, powers MIT's digital research respository. They also have an interesting FAQ. 20030105 Y
Edit This Page PHP one file PHP (v4 or v5) wiki type text-only implementation. Uses version control, RSS & Trackbacks. version 0.5b 20040427 Y
eGroupWare PHP suite "flexible pluggable framework [for] hosting applications", a capable fork of phpGroupWare version 20040928 Y
Eridu "web based groupware" version 0.9 20010726 Y
Everything software that powers Everything2.com, from the creators of Slash; includes voting. Here's a FAQ. "Pre- 1.0" 20010910
Evolution interesting SOAP based collaboration server (embedded?); Bonobo use (release note); email & PIMbeta20010506
Fetchmail "remote-mail retrieval and forwarding utility", model for Eric Raymond's writings, useful with Mutt MUA & Procmail email filter/LDA. version 5.9.3 20011030
Freenet P-to-P java, to "allow the free flow of information and ideas on the Internet", completely anonymous global load balancing system version 0.4 20011216 Y
FUTURe "an application that will deal with time management, not only for an individual but also for groups/projects. It is inspired by Tools for Thought by Howard Rheingold" version 0.72 20010506
Gale IM system. version 0.99 20011223
Gaim multi-protocol IM client. I use this for AIM, ICQ, IRC & MSN. Popular sf.net site. version 0.44 20011101 Y
Gatman groupware and network management, written in Java. Bootstrapped from real sysadmin work in Hamburg, Germany version 0.1.6 20021216 Y
geekLog weblog php4, mySQL. Website has comparison article describing other web log software. version 1.3 20011220 Y
Gibbon Point of Sale for interfacing with other packages like Interchange, Kontor, SQL-Ledger, phpShop or GNU Enterprise. version 0.4 20011109 Y
Glasscode Java based weblog version 1.2 20010509
glue GNU Links Users Everywhere. Quiet project since March 2000. See also GLUE. XML, WebDAV, and RTSP design stage 20011105 Y
Enterprise Project GNU's ground-up business platform solution, includes GNU Enterprise Application Server. Also encompasses the following application areas: Accounting, Budgeting, Customer Relations, E-Commerce, Human Resources, Project Management, Research and Development, Supply Chain & Reporting. 20011109
GracefulTavi Based on WikiTikiTavi and ZWiki. version 1.01 20040331 Y
GreyMatter weblog software (regularly-updated news- or journal-type sites); includes voting, template based, no database required version 1.21b 20010910
gZigZag Ted Nelson's new software, see Udanax for previous work. version 0.6.3 20040423 Y
KnownSpace Hydrogen "KnownSpace is a free, portable, and open-source data management system built in Java to serve as a common platform for worldwide research and collaboration in artificial intelligence, networking, and user interfaces." Helium is a defunct email client project. Uses an Apache-style license. version 20030108 20040409 Y
ht://Dig Web search engine software version 3.2.0b3 20010726
Horde IMP Wonderful PHP web interface to IMAP mail, also a member of the Horde project which includes Kronolith and Turba. version 3.1 20021129
ht://Dig Web search engine software version 3.2.0b3 20010726 Y
HyperMail Web mail archive software version 2.1.2 20011030
Hypernews Web discussions. Development started in 1994, sponsored by NCSA. Perl5 version 1.10.13 20011105
Interchange e-commerce server platform, sponsored by RedHat version 4.8.2 20011109
ISAAC NCSA developed, real time focus active Aug 1996 -
Sep 2000
JabaDex java pim version 0.9.10
Jabber "A powerful platform for XML messaging and presence" Servers (including jabberd) and clients available. Protocols are on IETF standards tracks. A separate but related company is jabber.com. Jabberd
version 1.4.3
or 2.0s2
Jake Jointly Administered Knowledge Environment for "finding, managing, and linking online journals" version 0.5.2 20010726 Y
JavaGroups java transport protocol, reliable IP multicast version 20010506 Y
JWAA Java Web Application Architecture version 1.3 20011116
Jazz Java 2 toolkit for zoomable interfaces, successor to Pad++, from the University of Maryland HCI Lab version 1.2 20011017
Jive Software Java based forums software stable version 1.2.4
Jetspeed Java & XML "Enterprise Information Portal... makes network resources (applications, databases and so forth) available to end-users", an Apache Jakarta project with these specs & dependencies version 1.3a2 20011217
Kantor ERP software suite, three tier Java architecture, Postgress. Interfaces to Gibbon Point of Sale software project version 2001-02-07 20011109 Y
KOM 2000 forum and chat software, faxed copyright required version 4 20010805
konspire "distributed file-sharing system featuring fast, exhaustive searches and modest network bandwidth requirements" version 1.0a 20010506 Y
KwikiKwiki Very extensible Perl module wiki, used by O'Reilly Media (among others) and is a basis for Socialtext's Workspace. Socialtext's description of kwiki. version 0.33 20040928
Land Down Under PHP/MySQL software version 525 20030418
Lucid Software that powers Memes.net and graphs.memes.net, PHP based version 0.101 20010915 Y
Lxr originally GNU/Linux cross-reference, publishes source code as HTML for browsing, allows lookup of code calls and variables, presently used to browse the code of Mozilla, FreeBSD and the linux kernel version 0.9 20011027 Y
Magi Endeavors, WAP, WebDAV, SyncML, Java, Jini, m-commerce version 2.0 20010506
Mahogany A very well respected graphical cross-platform email client. Extensible with Python. Has 4+ years of development. version 0.63 20010908 Y
Mailman GNU's "manage electronic mail discussion lists", requires C & Python 1.5. Includes web archive features. version 2.0.6 20011030 Y
MCal Modular Calendar Access Library, "C library for accessing calendars" version 0.6 20011031 Y
MediaWiki PHP, powers WikiPedia (they used UseModWiki before that) release 1.2.0rc4 20040321 Y
MHonArc "Email to HTML converter", requires Perl version 2.5.0 20011030
MoinMoin Wiki system based on Python developed in Germany version 1.2 20040303 Y
MoreGroupware Web based PHP4 groupware "contact management, webmail, calendar" modules, used daily by German company MoreLogs. version 0.4.4 20011030
Mozilla successor to Netscape Communicator and Microsft's Internet Explorer, now OEOne calendar integration announced 10/01, old Zulu calendar project version 0.9.5 20011130
Mutt The unix email reader (MUA) of choice, provides maximum functionality. Features include color support, threading, IMAP and completely remappable key bindings. See Fetchmail version 1.2.5
dev 1.3.23
Neomail web-based Perl "mail client [...] does not require a POP3 server, or any shell access [...] interfaces directly with user mail spools."version 1.2520010726 Y
NewsPro "CGI/Perl script used to update a news page on a Web site", uses text files, next version named Corantoversion 3.820010910
Nexist Java, topic map basedalpha code20010506 Y
OGS Open Groupware Standard. This group emerged from the Evolution, phpGroupWare and OpenOffice mail lists. Aims to create an XML based groupware standard protocol. phpGroupWare is first implementation. draft specifications20011030
OHS successor to Douglas Engelbart's earlier Augment & NLS systemsdesign stage20010506Y
OpenFlock barren websites, "Group Calendaring" server, new Group Calendaring Transport Protocol 20011031
Open For Business "J2EE business software" uses JBoss, Apache Jakarta, EJB, MySQL, NetBeans XML for workflow, content management, etc. for GNU/Linux and Windows. Popular sf.net site. version 1.0
beta 1
20011101 Y
OpenH323 "full featured, interoperable, Open Source implementation of the ITU H.323 teleconferencing protocol"version 1.120010506
OpenOffice.org Open Source successor to Sun Microsystems' StarOffice 5.2. This is the code base for much of Sun's StarOffice 6.0 build 63220010618
Orchard "provide a simple, consistent interface over a wide variety of data models, or 'node sets', including, as examples, XML, RSS, SVG, MP3, MPEG, CDDB, etc., regardless of their on-disk storage format" also related projects version pre-1.020010929 Y
Outreach developed by Lanifex "to support communication with customers during project implementations", integrates with DMO for data centers, project management tool. version 0.94 beta 20020514 Y
OverApps "designed for use by groups, small and medium sized businesses, associations, etc who are looking to set up an Intranet site", runs on Windows, Active Server Pages version 1.11.2 20011210
Owl "multi user document repository (knowledgebase) system", php, mySQL version 20010612 20010910 Y
Phorum PHP based, web based discussion software version 3.2.10 20010726 Y
phpBB PHP based, "alternative to Infopop's UBB" bulletin board customizable for user and adminversion 1.4 20010726 Y
phpCampaignToolz PHP & MySQL based, to create "more effective online campaigns" version 0.3.1 20011227 Y
PhpCollab Project management focused, inspired by the now defunct Macromedia Sitespring. version 2.320030104 Y
phpGroupWare "multi-user groupware suite written in PHP"version Y
phpNuke"news automated system" using php3, Apache and mySQL version 5.220010910
PHProjekt modular application suite for teams and companies, requires PHP4 and one of six databases, supports 26 languages version 4.220040928 N
PHPshop business application development platform, PHP. version 0.9.020011109 Y
phpWebLog weblog software version 0.5.2 20010726 Y
phpWiki "WikiWikiWeb clone in PHP" run as an application on these sites version 1.3.120011217 Y
Plink java, "adds link targets to XHTML (and perhaps XML) documents"version 0.9.120010506
PostNuke"Weblog / Content Management System (CMS)" forked project of phpNuke "focusing on style, appearance and functionality." Using PHP4, Apache, CSS and mySQL. Popular sf.net site. version 0.6420011101 Y
Purple perl, XML, XSLT, tools to create HTML documents with "purple" number paragraph anchors. version 0.220010506
QtTudo ERP and administrative accounting package from Germany, C++ version 0.2.120011031 Y
ReefKnot "iCal (RFC 2445) compliant toolkit in Perl. This toolkit will then be used to develop at least one server and one client as reference implementations. " includes Date::ICal Perl library. Last release 2001-12.version 1.6720040403 Y
ROADS expired project, "software tools to enable the set up and maintenance of Web based subject gateways"version 2.420010803
scoop "'collaborative media application'. It falls somewhere between a content management system, a web bulletin board system, and a weblog."; has run the site kuro5hin.org since Dec 1999version 0.820010910 Y
sips "weblog and link indexing system";php, no database requiredversion 0.3.0pl220010910 Y
Slash "Automated Story-telling Homepage" from SlashDot "News for nerds. Stuff that matters." Also see this list of related software/sites and Everything version 1.0.1120010506
SnipSnap "a free and easy to install weblog and wiki tool written in Java." from Fraunhofer FIRST version 0.5.1a20040427
SourceForge The software behind sourceforge.net. The Free Software Foundation's Savannah is a branched implementation of the 2.0 code. Very interesting efforts includes sf-genericist, the Debian debian-sf project (itself derived from a 2.6 version of code from sf-genericist) and CoopX. Also see the sfdocs documentation projectversion 2.620011105 Y
SQL-Ledger "double entry, accounting system", key to any collaboration within a business, supports many languages version 1.6.920011031 Y
SquirrelMail PHP based email client built for "maximum compatibility across browsers"version 1.0620010726 Y
Subversion successor to CVS, internally has a tremendously flexible architecture and property structure milestone 5 20011123
SubWiki Python script with Subversion back-end, CVS empty but subversion archive actively developed 0.1 dev 20040322
Synedra another successor to CVS, see subversion. Open sourcing by IBM 11/2001 20011031
swiki from Georgia Tech, uses squeak 3.2, Comanche 5.0 web server, wiki clone version 1.3 20030118
WikiTikiTavi looks like a nice implementation with UTF-8, XHTML/CSS and RSS. Uses LAMP platform (Apache, MySql, php4) GPL version 0.25 20040223 Y
tforum "Easily as good as phpBB and probably better", PHP, MySql version b0.92p4 20020514
Thlnk.vim "plain text hyperlinking [...] plugin for the Vim text editor" version 1.1 20020509
Twig "intranet/groupware tool and application framework" version 2.7.4 20011123
Twiggi "web-based [IMAP] email client and contact manager solution for [GNU/Linux]...similar to Microsoft Outlook" php4, MySql version 1.5.14 20011123 Y
TWiki The most robust Wiki implemention around. Perl CGI. A great wiki branch. Mission is "web-based collaboration platform targeting the corporate intranet world" Features access, revision control, plugins and an active developer community. See this partial list of installations and this list of TWiki software competitor comparisons. 01-Dec-2001
Athens Release
20020508 Y
thatWare "slashdot like engine" php3 version 0.4.6 20010910 Y
TouchGraph GraphLayout Java applet for Graph Based Interface (GBI) web navigation. The Link Browser applet is also available. Related projects include GEF and OpenJGraph. version 1.0620011017 Y
TUTOS The Ultimate Team Organization Software "webbased groupware or ERP/CRM system" PHP based all-20010831 20011105 Y
Udanax Ted Nelson's Xanadu's open source evolution, green and gold; see gZigZag for current work release 1 20010506
uPortal "portal under development by institutions of higher-education" uses J2EE & XML, funded by Andrew W. Mellon Foundation release 1.6
2.0 beta
UseModWiki nice feature set, single file Perl implementation, powers MeatBall Wiki meta-community, Emacs wiki and many others release 1.0 20040321
UWcal University of Washington "calendaring system for higher education", written in Java with uPortal integration. version 1.3 20040427
Venice "for supporting online communities and special interest groups", powers new Electric Minds site, uses Java Servlets, JSP, Apache & MySQL version 0.1
CVS only
20011030 Y
vital "communication and cooperation environment for ... learning teams", VisualWorks Smalltalk, a CLear (Cooporative Learning) project version 1.4 20010506
VNC AT&T developed Virtual Network Computer, screen sharing across platforms version 3.3.3 20010506
W3pal Browser, Editor, Navigator & Webbot, uses XGMML, LOGML & RGML. 20010915
WebTrans a document translation architecture in Java version 0.9.5 20010506 Y
wiki Many similar software packages including the twiki (on SourceForge) have been developed of this original editable web page software. One omission from the WikiEngines page is OurPlace. (c) 1995 20010506 Y
XIWA "web based accounting package" perl, Postgres version 1.4.0 20011113 Y
XPlanner "web-based project planning and tracking tool for eXtreme Programming (XP) teams", uses Java, JSP, Struts, and MySQL version 0.5.320040427 Y
Zeno "moderated discussion forums, shared workspaces and content management" German, English, Java, Apache. Hosted on Berlios (SourceForge software) version 2.0 20020517
Zwiki.org Zope application server-based wiki, very interesting. version 0.27.1 20040223

Commercial/Non-Free Products

Company & Product Benefits Status Updated
3cube Burlingame, CA based web based meeting service ASP only 20010802
Axista XColla web based project management ASP or
Pyra Blogger service, "widely acknowledged as the leader of the rapidly growing weblog phenomenon" according to their website 20011104
Bynari Insight server, designed as drop-in replacement to Microsoft Exchange version 3.5.520021129
Caucus Systems Caucus superior web based groupware product version 4.2
hosted service
Convea "Open-Source Web-Based Business Application Platformi," questionable licensing, UK based, exe only download version 5.2 20040301
eRoom Boston based solution form Lotus vetrans, software and hosting service version 520010802
jCorporate Expresso open source application development framework, commercial support version 3.020010506
Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, nice XML feature set version 6.0 20010910
Microsoft Exchange backoffice integration, outlook clients, support for POP3 & SMTP, many many bug fixes in service pack version 2000 20010506
Centrinity FirstClass Unified Messaging Ever wonder what happened to FirstClass? version 5.620010506
GetActive Software Forum To "help organizations recruit, engage and retain members", non-profit focused, spin-off from Environmental Defense in June 2000. Software powers the ActionNetwork 3.020011229
FrontRange Solutions Gooldmine Popular sales database for Windows. version 6.0 20030102
Groove Networks Groove p2p 1.0 for enterprise or
free preview edition
Interwise ECP Enterprise Communications Platoform 20011030
Iowa Electronics groupware consulting & service 20011102
evectors k-collector RSS news aggregator product. Italian groupware consulting, definately insightful description of blogging use for KM 20040321
Compendium Institute Mifflin "hypertext concept mapping tool" licensable prototype software version ?20020912
Lotus Notes Domino web and SameTime real-time extensions, many supported system platforms. IBM (parent company) system integration, database design centric version R620021218
OpenAir groupware service, $75/seat 20011102
Placeware Conference Center web conferencing software and service version 200020010506
GDSS QuestMap Windows only Topic Mapping software version 3.1220020912
Rational ClearCase Leading commercial version control tool version 2001 20011031
Teamware Office Established business groupware solution 5.4 20010720
ThoughtShare PlanBeeserver product too, bzoneversion 1.2 20010506
MoveableType web log software similar to blogger or greymatter but created to provide functional enhancements. Freely downloadble, licensed. version 1.1 20011104
Netscape Browser 6.1 derived from Mozilla source code version 6.1 20010910
SuSE OpenExchange Cyrus IMAP & IMP, Apache based server version 4.020021129
Prism Software groupware consulting & service version 2.5 20011102
Quasar accounting package, developed by Linux Canada, uses QT GUI toolkit and included Firebird/Borland Interbase 6 SQL databaseversion 1.0 20011031
Tomoye Simplify "first turnkey collaboration solution that addresses the needs of Communities of Practice" powers GlobalKnowledge.org version 2.120011026
InfoPop UBB Ultimate Bulletin Board. Most popular forum script/Perl message board on the web. UBBdev community available. Originally freeware, developed over past five years. Also offer UBBThreads version 20011102
O'Reilly WebBoard web based groupware product and service version 4.020010506
Webcrossing Webcrossing web based groupware product and service version 4.020010506
iManage Worksite recently acquired QuickTeam.com 20011027
Socialtext Workspaceintegrated wiki, weblog, email and IM available as a hosted service or appliance. The site includes other interesting content about Internet communications, especially commercial use of wikis. version 1.2.2 20040928
Xythos WebFile Server WebDAV product version 3.020010506
Zoe HTML email server with search and more, free for personal use version 0.1920020517

Interesting Links

These links are too good not to mention.

Interesting Links Source Updated
Groupware Report Jon Udell20010601
Collaborationarticles Intranet Journal 20011230
Journal of Computer Mediated Communication journal 20010601
web services tool set KMunity20010601
citris Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society20010601
Collaboration links circa 1997 with recent discussion Hypernews20010701
Extranet News weekly email Cyon Research20010701
WebLogs: A History and Perspective Sept 2000 Rebecca Blood20010726
Communicate and Collaborate Online Internet Institute article20010803
DESIRE Development of a European Service for Information on Research and Education, leads to Subject Gateway work 20010803
The Pre-History of Internet Collaboration December 2000 article, Cadence Magazine 20010803
Early Adopter of Internet Collaboration "Contractor Implements Web-based, Enterprisewide Project-Management System," 2000 ConstrucTech Magazine 20010803
Product Watch Internet.com groupware 20010806
W3C Collaboration Notes on Collaboration, also leads to Semantic Web activity, and has some other very interesting related links 20010926
W3C Web Design Issues Another page on design issues of the web leads to Web Architecture from 50,000 feet, Tim Berners Lee's Conversations draft paper and his Conceptual Graphs and the Semantic Web draft paper 20010926
Intertwingle Idea behind the original BBDB, unimplemented project idea 20010926
CoWorking Institute This is a rich site I'm beginning to explore. List of tools. 20011026
O'Reilly A publisher of highly valued reference books and online information regarding Mozilla, XML, Java, GNU/Linux, P2P Directory, etc. 20011030
Online Community Report "... free twice-monthly e-mail newsletter covering current events and trends in online communities." 20011102
Forum Software David Woolley's wonderful collection 20011104
Collaborative Tools Denham Grey's fantastic collection 20011104
Groupware Links Superb collection of software 20011104
GroupLab University of Calgary research 20011105
Software Articles Collection of links to articles about software, an interesting page of related links 20011105
What's so hard about Groupware? Book excerpt from Intranets as Groupware by Mellanie Hills presented by the Intranet Journal 20011230
Tools for Distributed Computer Systems Interesting research by Takashi Yamanoue, Information Science Center, Kyushu Institute of technology, Japan. 20020514
Rural Ecommerce and Telework Strategies from Frank Odasz, a respected consultant, community practitioner, AFCN member and founder of the Big Sky Telegraph network. 20020517
AFCN Open Source Award 2002 AFCN sponsored a contest in 2002. The winner was Virtuose. I was only able to find two good references for Virtuose. This DIAC-02 paper and this CPSR article. 20030102
Market Opportunity As a key man behind Lotus Notes and founder of Groove Networks, this document outlines Ray Ozzie's foundational ideas about groupware circa 1997. I found this by reading his blog. 20030102
Course Delivery article from the Michigan Virtual University about Bazaar. 20030103
MIT article from the Michigan Virtual University about MIT's Open Courseware. Here's another one about OCW and similar efforts. 20030103
cmsInfo.org A site that tracks open source Content Management System (CMS) packages. In my mind this is an important yet specialized category of Groupware. Seems very well designed. 20030107
Building Communities with Software An article about the aspects of community in the US that give additional reasons for groupware applications. Joel owns Fog Creek Software who produces CityDesk software which powers his personal site. 20030604
Are You Ready For Social Software? A good article trying to help define this new term as it's evolving. 20030626
COBA Software specifications for "the operating system for buildings", consortium of 15 companies started in 2000 includes HP & Nokia. Uses Java, HTTP, JMX, CORBA and RMI. 20040928

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