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Version 0.3 can be downloaded now or the development version is available via

cvs -d login
cvs -d co nexist

We are developing for Windows and Debian GNU/Linux, your comments are welcome.

The Nexist development area has further information about the software and it's status. Screenshots and a basic content architecture are available to understand the direction of Nexist. Nexist is open source software licensed under the terms identical to the Apache Software License, the Nexist Software License.

The core team is building Nexist using Topic Maps as a cornerstone data model. Topic Maps are a powerful way to store and represent knowledge. We are releasing our first Java builds in hopes that it will catalyze related projects and spur further development.

Please see Jack's Nexist(tm) page for further research.

A rather detailed list of related software is available Collaborative Groupware Software and mirrored here.

To keep informed about our progress, please subscribe to the mailing list.


Last updated: 2002 Jan 3

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Concerns exist regarding the licensing of the software that powers our host Read this Open Letter by one of the Nexist developers for more information.